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Personal Loans

personal loan

Gold Allianze Capital provides personal loans to laborers and professionals alike in Singapore. This loan option is designed to provide a source of quick ready cash for individuals with urgent financial needs. At Gold Allianze Capital, we stress on quality customer service and fantastic and reliable partner for your personal finances.

Getting a loan from banks can prove to be difficult especially with a less-than-stellar credit record or poor financial standing – this is where a licensed moneylender comes in. We understand the circumstances that got you in the situation that you are in and will not discriminate you based on your credit record or poor financial standing. Here at Gold Allianze Capital, we strive to be your partner in achieving control of your finances. There are many licensed Moneylenders in Singapore. Gold Allianze Capital provides one of the most competitive rates available in the market – make the correct choice, choose Gold Allianze Capital as your preferred partner.

Things to Consider before Taking a Personal Loan from a Licensed Moneylender

Different moneylenders offer different interest rates on the money loaned. Interest has an impact on the final amount of money you will be required to repay when the time for repay comes. That is why you should compare interest rates offered by various moneylenders. Go from one licensed moneylender to another in your area asking for quotes and then analyze their offers before you consider taking up the loan.

Reputation of the licensed moneylender

It is recommended you check the reputation of the lender you are about to borrow money from. When you take a personal loan from a bank, you are sure the bank will not scam you since banks are approved and regulated by concerned authorities. On the other hand, moneylenders can hide the fine details about your personal loan when finalizing the transaction. One way of checking a licensed moneylender reputation is by reading up on other customers’ reviews about the lender.

Seek services of a professional Singapore Moneylender like Gold Allianze Capital.

You may not be aware about the financial terms and complications involved with securing a personal loan. That is why it is important you seek the services and help of a professional Singapore Moneylender like Gold Allianze Capital and not just any moneylender. Gold Allianze Capital has established excellent rapport with our clients and enjoy a good reputation in the Industry. We work hard towards forging strong partnerships with our clients and all our dedicated credit consultants are dedicated towards providing the best financing option that best
matches a client’s need.

Don’t take more than you can repay

When applying for a personal loan, go through the contract in detail. Take precautions not to borrow more money than you what you can afford to repay each payment period. You can determine your repaying capability by doing a simple analysis of your income, basic expenses and other financial obligations. It is important not to borrow more than what you can cope with your current standing. If you have any further doubts, feel free to speak to our experienced and friendly credit consultants – they will be more than happy to understand your situation and provide the best advice for your current predicament.