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Foreigner Loan

foreigner loan

One of the biggest challenges that one will have to deal with when it comes to living in Singapore is the sudden need for funds. When money-related emergencies – such as unexpected bills, medical fees, car and mortgage payments – strike during a time far from friends and family, it can be difficult to find financial assistance.

Gold Allianze Capital Foreigner Loan Package proposes to be a practical solution for foreigners residing in their home away from home. We offers fast cash, allowing expatriates to recover from their urgent financial issues without having to deal with costly, complicated and time-consuming application processes.

Gold Allianze Capital personal loans for foreigners in Singapore is an easy, hassle-free way to get back on the financial track. Foreigners who have less-than-ideal credit who want to improve their financial record can avail of the personal loan service for foreigners from us.

Gold Allianze Capital Foreigner Loan Package caters to foreigners of age 21 years old and above residing in Singapore with an Employment Pass or ePass, confirming their status as foreign professionals and executives with recognized qualifications. Expatriates who are holders of the S-Pass  or foreign mid-level skilled workers – can turn to us to avail of personal loan.

We also requires the basics for loan application of foreigners, including full-time employment and regular salary, bank statements for the last six months and existing residence tenancy agreement. At Gold Allianze Capital, applicants may simply log on to and fill out the online application form.

Gold Allianze Capital also offers cash advance and business loans, which may be customized and packaged with reasonable rates and repayment options to match a loan applicant’s situation.

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