Late Payment Fee

A late payment penalty fee of minimum $100* will be incurred and charged to your account upon any payment defaults. To avoid this fee, do make sure that all payments are made promptly.
*Late payment penalty fee varies on the loan amount in signed loan agreement contract.

Late Payment Interest Fee

All late payment interest shall be charged at the interest rate applicable for your loan as agreed in the loan agreement contract.

Default Loan Payment

For default payment, all legal fees and miscellaneous charges incurred to recover the loan amount of this contract will be fully borne by the borrower and guarantor as stated in the loan agreement contract.


With all these being stated, please note that Gold Alliance Capital reserves the right to amend and/or add the terms and conditions at any point of time, but these are subject to the Moneylenders Act and its rules governed by the Government of the Republic of Singapore.

Should you have enquiries on our fees and charges or for better understanding of our fees and charges, please feel free to contact us.